If you’re looking to sell your home at a fast pace, staging it should be your first and foremost step. Home staging services prepare a private residence for sale by making it appealing to the buyers. It is a fundamental process that demands quintessence and if you’re looking for expert guidance on the same at a fair price, have a look at this article. The goal is to make buyers feel that they need to look no further than the property they just set their eyes on!

Here are some of the reasons to stage your house before you sell it!

  • 1. Create a mental picture for the buyers through staging

A house that is staged orchestrates a much innovative picture in the head of the buyer as it delivers the feeling of looking at home rather than a house. It generates an imaginative idea in their head of how it would be like once they finally move in.

  • 2. The quickest way to sell your house

Studies suggest that staging your house is a competent and accessible investment that sets your home apart from others on the market and reduces the market time by more than half. People also go for dining or bathroom staging to cut down the cost yet making the house appealing.

  • 3. Bring your house to its greatest potential

Staging your home is an equal advantage to the builder’s as well as the sellers as it increases the home’s anticipated value. If you intend to sell your house at the best price probable it has got to look its best. Re-painting the house is a requirement that must not be sacrificed. Choosing neutral colour paint works wonders as it makes it appealing and aesthetic. Also, choose the best interior designers to get the maximum out of your property.

  • 4. Let your house speak for itself through staging

Staging is a method that makes your house welcoming and extraordinary. Space planning as ideally 20-30% of the space should be left clean and empty, furniture, good quality service and strategic floor planning can make the whole experience tremendously incredible for the buyers. Choosing creative but natural elements to decorate your house rather than overdoing it and making everything look excessively loaded should be the aim. Opting for realistic decor by some of the best home decorators leaves a lasting impression on the buyer’s mind.

  • 5. Hide the veil of flaws of your home under staging

Professional staging of a house rejuvenates it and keeps the buyer’s eyes away from objectionable aspects of the house. Make sure to get rid of unnecessary furniture, rugs and other personal belongings. We convert it into a beautiful space and make every feature of the house look remarkably charming.

  • 6. Bring out the best characteristics of your house

Our design team showcases the best features of your house and makes it the ultimate centre of attraction for the buyers. Decluttering the spaces which involve every corner of the house, emphasize strategically quality furniture, rugs and mirrors to refresh the space and make it look welcoming for the buyers.

Bonus tips to stage your house for getting maximum profit

You do not need to stretch your pocket as we have compiled some great tips to get your house staged at the best price:

  1. a. Go for a professional home staging company to get some of the best interior designers and home decorators.
  2. b. You can choose staging services only for your bathroom or dining room to save on the cost.
  3. c. Research on the best home staging services near to your location in Corpus Christi.
  4. d. Instead of staging the house yourself hire a team of professionals who have probably worked for staging multiple houses. 


The perfect home staging ideas can make an essential difference in the process of selling your house faster as well as at a higher price than you expected. Blue Anchor Home Staging and Designing is your one-stop solution for all your home staging requirements at the best price possible! 

We are a leading home staging company with services from some of the best Corpus Christi interior designers to assist you in identifying the beautiful architectural details of your house and recommend a smooth transition into staging your house by covering all the small and large details to make your house attractive and number one by researching the buyer’s demographic as well. We do all the work for you by eliminating the stress of selling a house and granting you peace of mind.