Do you frown every time you think about staging your home? Well, home staging services can indeed mean spending a lot of bucks, but you are in for a treat!

Blue Anchor is a perfect home staging company that brings you comprehensive and budget packages that help you stage your homes and get you the limelight when you put your house on sale. 

Surveys show that home staging enhances your chances of selling out your property quickly than the rest.

Home staging ideas can make all the difference. This means that it’s time to say goodbye to your personal choices. While selling your house with its neighborhood and features, you need to create an aesthetic where potential buyers can visualize themselves living in that house. Just because you love collecting puppets, it doesn’t mean that future homeowners would love the same appeal! 

On the brighter side, you do not need to spend thousands on your home to sell it; we have compiled six amazing ways for staging a house on a budget!

This post brings you some amazing ideas to stage your home when you are on a budget.

  1. 1. Decluttering your space

The very first step to staging a home is to declutter. However, if you are new to this you can surely seek consultation from the leading home staging company, Blue Anchor Home Staging and Designing. 

Decluttering your property means organizing every corner of your house and yes we mean the closets too! Buyers who are well aware of what they want their dream home to be will surely check every nook and cranny of the house including opening the closets, pantries, and even the cabinets!

According to the leading home staging company, while staging your home you should leave at least 20 to 30% of your space empty and clean. A clean, decluttered property can be a great first impression and will be a great contribution to turning your house the ultimate center of attraction among the buyers. 

If you do not need to change your flooring, then make sure to dispose of the unnecessary rugs and other personal belongings. Moreover, when you are putting your house up for a show, make sure to rent a storage unit to move all your items.

  1. 2. Painting

No matter how new your paint looks, make sure to redo it again! Budget-friendly home design services must include a good paint job. Before putting your house on the market, it is recommended to go for neutral color paint. If you want to be trendy, you can also go for beige or a taupe palette. 

However, if you are on a budget, we would suggest you paint only the necessary parts of your property like the living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. 

Other than being pocket-friendly, neutral also gives an impression of a gender-neutral environment which can go a long way in impressing your potential buyers.

  1. 3. Do not over-do things

Too much of everything can spoil the fun and when it comes to home staging it isn’t any different. Over staging your home will only lose you money. So, to stay on a budget, work on only the necessary areas of the house which would leave a lasting appeal on your potential buyers. Excess styling and decorating can make your house look very formal. Go for realistic decor that will help your clients envision themselves living in this home for a long time.

  1. 4. Make your rooms spacious

When it comes to selling your property, the bigger the better! That doesn’t mean that you need to do some extra construction! With a mid-range property, you can also make it look spacious. Moreover, it is a great budget-friendly way to stage your home and the best home decorators are always here to help you!

To make your room appear bigger than it is, just get rid of all the necessary furniture, and other items that would make your room look stuffy. Coloring your walls neutral can also be helpful to make your room appear larger.

  1. 5. Borrow not rent

The central aspect of home staging usually requires you to rent or even invest in some good furniture. This can cost you a lot of money which would be a great denominator especially when you are on a budget. To have the best of your home design services you can reach out to your friends and borrow furniture which they won’t need in the future or until your home sells out.

  1. 6. Adding natural features

To cut some costs, you can always get creative! And staging your home will surely need some creativity into the mix. 

 You can choose natural elements that are not only free but also add a welcoming and homely appeal to your house. Before you start decorating your house, make sure to observe the geographical location of your property.

If you feel confused, you can consult the leading home design company to get better advice about the elements that would work better for your property! 

If you have a house in the countryside, you can add some twigs, some wood, etc. for the interiors. If you live on the coast add some familiar elements like seashells, corals to enhance the aesthetic of your home. 

And for a city life experience, you add some subtle flowers and small plants around the household.


Home staging is a critical process demanding perfection. If you are looking for some experts in the field at a fair price, Blue Anchor Home Staging and Designing is your one-stop solution for every home staging need!