If you decide to auction your house or just have fresh air of change, you probably know by now that house staging is a necessity! To make your house stand out from the rest, home staging services can get you started right away!

If you are wondering whom to call, Blue Anchor Homestaging and Design is the leading choice! They offer a plethora of packages that fit every budget and every need.

While 2020 was a rollercoaster ride, we can’t help but be skeptical about what lies ahead! While we remain confined to our houses during the recent pandemic, we have definitely figured out that our houses need some renovation too! So,  if you are planning to sell your property or just trying to refreshen the way your property looks, this is the time you should consider staging your house to stay in trend!

Top home staging tips to keep you in trend in 2021!

Neutral is the new fun!

Gone are the days of funky, bright colors, who knew monochrome could be this chic? If you are considering repainting your property, make sure to put effort into gender-neutral monochrome aesthetics. If you are looking to follow the trend, subtle colors of white, mocha, etc will make their rounds this year.


Blue Anchor Home staging and Design is the best home staging services when it comes to recreating useful spaces. There are a lot of things that you can do about your rooms. But, if you are on a budget, keeping it practical is important. Rather than spending a fortune on every part of the house, work on useful spaces like the bedrooms, office spaces, etc.

On the other hand, if you are wondering what to do with the extra rooms, now is the best time to turn it into a home office.

Amid the global pandemic, every house saw the rise of the era of home offices. So, for the home office, you can aim for a minimalist aesthetic. With monochrome colors and light furniture, you can use that extra space for a greater need of the hour!

If you have your items lying here and there, it’s time for them to move out! Clear out the master bedrooms and replace them with light furniture and sober colors especially mocha or white to create a relaxing ambiance.

Also, don’t forget to recreate the children’s room. You can add some children’s toys and even have a mini work desk at the side so that they can attend their classes and do their homework.


Talking about trends, we all know how the internet exploded to some of the culinary trends. The kitchen was undoubtedly one of the most visited places this past year! With coronavirus still spreading, we can’t help but accept the fact that we might have to hand in there for a while! You can replace heavy storage units and bring in some jars and boxes for aesthetics. You can also have a chic marble slab to make the kitchen look like something straight out of a Vogue magazine! So, if you want to sell your house, brainstorming some kitchen staging ideas is important! A professional staging and design service provider can help you recreate a minimalist, smart kitchen for the next potential buyer!

Keeping fit

Keeping yourself mentally and physically fit was the motto of 2020! Who knew that could follow us into the New Year! There is no way we could go back to our yoga sessions or gym yet! So, keeping that in mind, if you have a little space to spare, you can use it to make a personalized gym or you can even recreate your porch into a yoga arena or a meditation center. You can also add some sporting gears to make it look more practical.


Even if the coronavirus was a myth, a buyer’s love for bathrooms isn’t! It doesn’t matter how weird it might sound, everyone desires the perfect bathroom!  So what can you do to keep up?

The first rule of bathroom staging is to keep it as spacious as possible. Do not overdo the interior. Keep it simple but chic. The minimalist aesthetic is soon to be a rage this year! 

Living room

This is an integral part of the house and there’s no denying it! Symmetrical, spacious living rooms are rising in demand. If you are one of the sellers or someone who just wants to upgrade your house aesthetics, this year will be all about a spacious living room. After all, that’s where we spent most of our time in the past year!  If you have a little space to spare, use it to create a small study or a library for enthusiastic book lovers.


As most of us spend the whole year at home, having a good lighting system has become a necessity. It was always a necessity but we did not pay much heed to it! Floor lamps and table lamps are back in trend now! Besides, bold, artistic designs are in high demand too! 

On top of all this, the most important factor to get a house under the spotlight is to keep it neat and clean. Make sure that your lawn is mowed and every nook and corner of your property is clean.

However, when it comes to big properties like mansions, carrying out DIY missions to recreate the house seems impossible. Get in touch with Blue Anchor Home staging and Design to get the best services in your budget.