There is only one golden rule when it comes to staging homes; your space must appear bigger to potential buyers. Maximizing space is the key to home staging and selling; it instantly appeals to most buyers. However, it can be an intimidating and challenging task for home staging services to make small spaces look bigger. You don’t have to spend a fortune or knock down walls. By just following some simple tips and tricks from Corpus Christi interior design, you make your home appear more spacious.

How to make small spaces look bigger?

  • Less is more – Avoid Clutter

Small spaces feel cramped up when there are too many things around. Find ways to keep the clutter out of sight; organize it behind doors, use closed cabinets or table skirts to hide your stuff. Best interior designers make good use of hidden storage or multi-functional furniture to keep things.

Using an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table can make the place feel more cozy and tidy. Neatly arranged things will give your space an open feel. 

Give each room a specific purpose. Keep furniture and decor to a minimum. Lots of items around the house eat up visual space. Display your classic pieces of art but don’t overstuff your shelves. 

Use essential pieces of furniture only. Remember, buyers are interested in seeing your home, not the decor.

  • Make Use of Glass or Lucite Furniture or Accessories

Home staging companies advise using transparent material to add light to smaller spaces. A great way to do the trick is by using glass tabletops and lucite chairs. The home staging ideas are simple; the more floor space becomes visible, the bigger the room will appear.  

  • Placement and size of furniture

Use furniture that fits appropriately for the room size. Bulky pieces will make any room appear smaller. Smaller pieces will give the walls a larger appearance.

Attempting to fit oversized furniture in small spaces will eat the space. If you use sofas, beds, and chairs with exposed legs, it can help create the illusion of extra space. Downsize from a king-size bed to a queen or double bed; when there is ample space to walk on either side of the bed, the room will appear larger.

Although it may seem counterintuitive to move your sofa and tables away from the wall, it works to make the room look bigger and provides enough room for movement. Similarly, placing the bed on the wall, which is at the maximum distance from the door, will make the room feel instantly larger. 

  • Place Mirrors Strategically

Using reflective surfaces can visually expand the living space as they bounce light around. For instance, a large framed mirror on a wall behind your couch can create an illusion of open space, while it  serves as a beautiful decorative piece. 

  • Make use of appropriate color schemes 

Dark colors absorb light, whereas light colors reflect light. Using light colors is a perfect way to make the room feel larger and airy. To highlight a section, an accent wall or a classic piece of furniture can be in a darker hue. On the other hand, painting the exterior of the house in light colors can make it appear larger. Home staging services recommend using soft tones of blue and green for optimum effect.

A monochromatic color scheme works to create larger spaces. Contrasting colors tend to break up a room, making it look even smaller. Coordinating wall and furniture colors will create well-blended spaces that are easier on the eye, giving the illusion of more square footage.

Add more dimension and visual interest to your space by adding textures. Use neutral tones and solid color upholstery for furniture instead of plaids, stripes, and prints. Avoid using bold prints as they are heavy on the eye.

  • Define spaces using rugs

To make a room feel finished and put together, define spaces using area rugs. For dining room staging, you can place  a large rug under the dining table to create the illusion of more space. It is always better to use one large rug instead of several small rugs in a room.

  • Open the Way 

Remove wall-to-wall carpet to expose a larger expanse of the floor. Never allow furniture and accessories to block the view into a room. Move furniture away from the  walkways, as not to make a space look and feel cramped. Place tall pieces along a wall and let short pieces of furniture stand out in open spaces to create a bigger area.

  • Perfect Lighting can make a difference

Natural or artificial light plays a key role in making a room appear spacious. Any room will look bigger if it is well-lit. Avoid using table lamps in smaller spaces; use pot lights and sconces instead to increase the floor space. Eye-catching ceiling lights are great pieces to draw attention upwards, adding height to the room. When staging homes, open up the windows, get rid of heavy upholstery, and open every light in the room. 

The simpler, the better. Choose simple drapes or blinds as they take up less visual space. Light airy fabrics allow light to pass through, creating an impression of more space.

  • Play with the right accessories

Creating the illusion of more height can add to the room’s dimension as well. You can hang drapery right from the ceiling, to  make the room appear taller.

You can opt for one large piece of art or accent  to one of the walls. This minimalist style  will make any room appear more spacious.


With these amazing tips and tricks from Blue Anchor Home Staging, you can transform smaller spaces into a bigger one. Hire our services if you plan to sell your home and need assistance with home staging. Our team has a hard-core staging experience and expertise that will get you the right value for your home. We hope to hear from you soon!