For every homeowner, searching for ways to keep the most used room of the house functional and appealing can be tricky. Who does not want their living room to be practical and pretty? The only way to achieve this is by optimizing the storage space in the living room. Many living rooms are overloaded with furniture making it look clustered and stuffy. The demand is to implement some fab storage solutions to make the living room seem spacious without compromising style. 

To maintain the level of formality and comfort in the living room, it is not very easy for storage spaces to come by. Corpus Christi interior design has come up with unexpected and transformative living room storage ideas. With our creative ideas, we have tried to get the maximum of every nook and cranny of the living room.

Let’s look at a few Living room storage tricks from top interior design professionals:

  • Storage ottoman: A perfect investment

Due to the double utility of the storage ottoman, they serve as a perfect solution for living room storage. An ottoman footstool will comfortably allow tucking your feet while binge-watching your favorite TV show. It will also provide sufficient space to hide all the items that you don’t want lingering around in your living room. What is more, it can also serve as a seating arrangement for guests.

 This functional furniture piece is apt when you want to declutter your living room. Stash your DVDs, games, remote controls, magazines or newspapers, blankets, pillows, and sheets if you have a pull-out sofa bed in your ottoman with ease.

  • Use closed storage to hide clutter

Books can store beautifully in open or transparent storage. But some other random knickknacks can be an eyesore. Using fabric cubes or wicker baskets can help to store these difficult items with ease while making them easily accessible. You can fit them in any space and, they can suit any style of furniture.

Rather than tucking some pieces away in closed shelves or drawers, you can reinvent your style to make your living room look effortlessly elegant. In the warmer months, you won’t need your beautiful blankets so you can hide them in a concealed dresser so that it does not come in your way. But, during the winters rather than laying your blankets around, you can use a budget-friendly set of baskets as dresser drawers or an accent ladder to capture attention. A perfect idea to stay organized in a small space on a budget!

Make the most of alcoves, if you have them in your living room. They are a prime storage space that does not compromise your precious square footage. The bottom of the alcoves can be used as closed storage, whereas the top can have some floating shelves to add some decorative pieces or books. This combination is flexible; to hide the things you don’t want to show.

Clever furniture like a sofa with extended storage can help utilize all your surface area, proving that stylish furniture pieces can also be functional and comfortable.

  • Add a coffee and sofa table

If there is space between the couch and wall, take advantage of this space by filling it with a sleek sofa table or cabinet attached to the wall. Color co-ordinate the table and sofa to complement each other while ensuring that both are of the same length. It can serve as excellent storage for books, electronics, or magazines. You can conceal your phone charging station by creating an outlet on the table. The top of the table can be the perfect space to curate some fantastic decor. No one will ever realize what is stored inside the cabinet as the outside will be sophisticated and classy.

If your living room is spacious enough to accommodate a coffee table, pick a design that can add some storage in too. If your coffee table has cubbies or drawers, you can stow away your electronics or papers with ease! Instead of cramming everything on your coffee table, spread a few things on other flat surfaces to make the space look styled rather than messy. Home design services recommend you put some objects on the window sill or fireplace mantel to give your living room a clean look.

  • Tap the area under the stairs

Best home decorators utilize every nook and cranny of your living room and, the area under the stairs is no exception. If you hire good home design services, they will make the best use of this storage space while retaining structural integrity. It can be used as a closet space with shelves or racks to store shoes, coats, umbrellas, or books.

  • Reach for walls and ceilings

No matter how much space management you do, there might always be a lack of storage space to store your things. Keeping your home clutter-free is extremely pivotal when it comes to home staging. Contact home staging services for more home staging ideas that will trend in 2020; click here. A good solution would be to use your walls and ceilings to make your living room appear more spacious and organized.

Creating a wall storage unit is a fantastic way to get storage items up and off the horizontal surfaces creating more room. You can play with the color, theme, and textures to suit your style. Glass cabinets not only look stylish but allows ample light to flow in, making the storage feel less bulky. Hanging hooks on the walls can is great ways to keep hats, coats, jackets, etc., making the living area feel nice and tidy.

Vertical storage is the best option to maximize storage in smaller spaces as it leaves a minimal footprint. To create storage near the ceiling, using floating shelves is a great way to give your room and stylish look. They look simply lovely and function as a decor space, adding some texture and personality to your living room.


Being creative and innovative can go a long way in maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of your living room. If you plan to sell your house, don’t forget to seek advice from the best home staging company in Corpus Christi. The Blue Anchor Home Staging and Design is a leading name in Corpus Christi for interior design.

Whenever in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us for the best home staging and interior design services in Corpus Christi.