Dealing with cluttered kitchen spaces can be a severe problem for most of us. There is never enough storage space to function smoothly and efficiently in pint-sized kitchens. A kitchen that feels disorganized and messy can make matters worse after a long and tiring day at work. But, with suitable designs and organization, you can use the limited storage space to its maximum potential. Being creative and resourceful can help to squeeze out the entire storage space from your tiny kitchen.

To make your kitchen less chaotic and more functional, follow these genius tricks from home staging services

We have listed eight space-making hacks to utilize every square inch of your kitchen efficiently.

  • 1. Add a toe-kick drawer or tip-out tray.

Installing a toe-kick drawer is the best way to utilize the unused space between the cabinet and floor. This secret storage space can efficiently hold tons of flat kitchen accessories like serving trays that won’t fit anywhere else! Instead of leaving your pet food bowls out on the kitchen floor, stash them in a toe-kick drawer that pops out! An added advantage is the ease of access and seamless blending into baseboards.

Like toe-kick drawers, tip-out trays take the top spot in hidden storage compartments. You can use it as a storage nook for sponges, dish cleansers, or rags by turning the panel under the sink or stove into a tip-out tray. 

  • 2. Cutting-board hacks

Integrate a clever pull-out chopping station with a bamboo or plastic top into a set of drawers. It is a practical storage solution for any kitchen as you can tuck it away when not needed. You can prepare your meal conveniently and clean the kitchen area in a jiffy with these boards. And if you add a pull-out trash can beneath the board, it would be like icing on the cake as all the trash would directly drop in the bin.

If this is not feasible, get a cutting board that fits perfectly over your sink. An easy way to create counter space that is always at a premium! These kitchen staging tips can go a long way to make your kitchen look appealing and clutter-free. 

  • 3. Systematize with the roll-out and double drawers

Instead of stacking cookware on top of one another, Corpus Christi’s interior design suggests replacing it with roll-out drawers or shelves inside the cabinet. An ideal way to get things out quickly from the back of deep cabinets! Without digging inside, you can easily access and systematically organize your utensils using rolling shelves or drawers.

To double up kitchen storage, hide drawers within drawers! Breaking up drawers into compartments by adding interior cabinet organizers is a handy luxury to squeeze in as much storage as possible. The best part is that this kind of storage is functional and practical for small kitchens. A great storage idea to neatly cutlery and hold small kitchen items like peelers, forks, spatulas!

  • 4. Make the best of blind corner kitchen spaces

When the kitchen area is small, it is best to tap every nook and cranny for space optimization. Why let a seemingly unusable corner space go to waste? Design a blind corner cabinet with tiered shelves or a built-in Lazy Susan to accommodate your mixing bowls and baking dishes, which are otherwise hard to store.

Another superb suggestion would be to install corner drawers instead of cabinets to store your spices, baking supplies, or other dry ingredients. Corner shelving in small kitchens is one of the best kitchen staging ideas that can give these awkward spots a defined purpose.

  • 5. Camouflage shelves behind a backsplash

When there is too much visible shelving in the kitchen, it may look congested and cluttered. To avoid such situations, you can opt for a subtle shelving solution to open shelving. The idea is to create a fake backsplash near your stovetop that can function as storage for spices, glasses, or coffee mugs. 

You can use a stainless steel pegboard backsplash to keep the kitchen tools you often use handy. It also saves your kitchen walls from spills and splatters, making the cleaning easy.

  • 6. Use the spare area around the microwave and fridge

Create a single pull-out pantry shelf in the space next to the fridge or microwave to easily store and access canned food, cereals, and other non-perishable kitchen essentials that usually gulp a lot of kitchen space. Adding a removable magnetic shelf to one side of your fridge is a fantastic way to add some storage space. You can even add a magnetic knife bar to eliminate the knife block and save counter space.

  • 7. Make use of cabinet doors and sliding racks

You can use the cabinet doors or the open side of the cabinet to store your kitchen necessities. You can buy organizers or use hooks to hang items like chopping boards, dish towels, or pans. You might have to slightly push back the contents of your cabinet if you are using the inside of the cabinet doors. But you will be delighted to utilize this intelligent and most-underutilized storage space.

To hang your pots and pans neatly, fit a pull-out rack inside one of your cabinets. They effortlessly slide in and out of your cabinet, aiding in organizing your kitchenware neatly.

  • 8. Open shelving

Constructing a shallow open shelf that sits beside or under a stretch of upper cabinets is a much better option than committing to a wall full of available storage. It can turn into a perfect spot to grab regular items like tea, sugar, salt, or spices. If this rack is a bit bulky and near your stove, you can conveniently add hooks to hang your pans. By taking advantage of this vertical space, you can free some space in your cabinet.

  • 9. Folding kitchen table or open island cart

Folding tables can give you enough room to prep and have your meals without taking up valuable floor space. You can pack the folding table when not in use.

An open island cart can serve a dual purpose; it serves as generous storage and can give more counter space. Pick an island cart that is moveable and open from both sides. You can push it out of the kitchen conveniently when you want to use it as a buffet station or drink cart.


Most of us wish to have huge homes and spacious kitchens; rather than cribbing for what we don’t have, we must utilize what is available to its maximum potential. Using every inch of your kitchen will work wonders in giving you ample storage and working space, aiding in kitchen staging.

Home staging does not only mean enhancing the aura of a few areas of your home. In addition to the kitchen, it is pivotal to focus on cost-effective dining room staging to upsurge the value of your home. 

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