Is there any way to get more bucks for your home than home staging? I bet not! We don’t expect you to spend millions in renovating your home, but a few alterations may go a long way to captivate the buyer’s attention. Most people firmly believe that the first impression is the last. In most circumstances, you don’t get a second chance to prove yourself; the same is true for your home.

When the buyers step inside your home, the entryway sets a pathway for your first impression. After curb appeal, the next crucial thing that potential buyers pay heed to is the entryway. If you get this right, you are sure to start the reception of your home on the right foot! Many homeowners overlook this very crucial aspect of home staging; they may decide not to decorate the entryway at all. They might even consider placing something that is least stylish or impactful for the buyers. Don’t let this little mistake take a huge opportunity from your hands. Make your entryway a welcoming signal for the buyers to make them feel at home. Home staging services have some top tips for you to redefine your entryway. 

Read our entryway staging tips for a quicker sale

Enhance the exterior of your entryway

The buyer must be intrigued with the area right before they enter your home; in other words, the front porch needs to be immaculate. The first step would be to declutter and clean it; there must be no cobwebs, dirt, or debris on the steps. Remove trash cans and garden supplies out of sight. Sometimes when the front door is exposed to direct sunlight, there is a possibility of warps or cracks developing. A spotless front door, preferably painted or stained freshly, can leave the best first impression. Ensure that the front door hinges are rust and squeak-free.

Shutters must be tight and freshly painted. The windows and garage door should be operable and sanitary. Check these without fail! In addition to this, door fixtures must be clean. You can either polish or clean the handle, door knocker, kick plate, doorbell, or peephole. If they are damaged, replace them with new ones. 

A welcome mat, especially a black one, is worth an investment. Adding some beautiful potted plants like geranium is an excellent option to make your exterior more appealing. Our home staging company has a bundle of ideas to upgrade the exterior of your home.

Interior entryway staging tips

The entryway is just like a prologue to a story; it establishes the entire essence of your home. A clogged entryway will restrict the flow; best home decorators suggest tips to turn this small area into spacious and open. When thinking of ideas to decorate it, don’t push-pieces that add little purpose. Each piece must effortlessly blend, creating an ideal environment. A visually interesting space adds to the excitement quotient of your home. 

  • Lighting

The best interior designer suggests using the right light fixture in your entryway to add style and make the much-needed difference. To glam up your entryway:

  • Spruce it with an elegant chandelier. If your entryway is spacious enough to accommodate a mini round table with flowers below the chandelier, then go for it to make your home feel inviting.
  • Opt for an artistic lighting installation to add a unique flair with some drama. You can even opt for something simple yet chic, but the main goal must be to transform your entryway while appealing to the widest group of people.
  • Check if the lighting is clean, updated, and working properly. 
  • Rug

A simple yet effective way to beautify your entryway is by adding a rug. It is especially true for large entryways as it aids in creating warm vibes and makes the home feel more inviting. For a small hall, a runner can do the trick in defining the space. Using rugs for home staging is a great way to add color, pattern, and texture, thus making it more visually appealing.

  • Artwork

Adding a statement artwork piece in your entryway adds character and color to the space. It is one of the most effective ways to make a space feel complete and visually attractive. If you want to set the right tone for your home, adding one eye-catching piece of artwork can do the trick. You can use a classy artwork piece to provide a finishing touch that pulls together a vignette. Hang it above a console or lean it against the wall. The choice is yours! 

  • Mirror

Are you searching for a classic and elegant piece to spruce your entryway? Grab a dainty mirror and place it above a console table. To add more drama, lean a tall mirror right behind the console table or leave it by itself. By adding a mirror, you can expand your entryway space as it helps to make smaller things appear bigger. Do you want to add more light to your dark entryway? Adding a mirror would do the trick as it reflects light.

  • Color

Add a dash of color to your entryway in the form of a stylish wall accent or any other engaging decor pieces. Colors have the potential to quickly and effectively transform the aura of any space. Best home decorators do not want you to fill your entryway with vivid colors; make a splash in your entryway with one stylish accent.


Every step you take towards staging your home would reap the rewards later. Besides the other areas of your home, staging your entryway is paramount as it is the first and last thing the buyer sees. To sell your home for top dollar, contact Blue Anchor Home Staging Services. Our professional team is all set to reach out to you.